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Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Unlocking

Do I require tech. knowledge?

Not at all, we provide complete and easy instructions for unlocking your phone. Often it can be as simple as entering an unlock code using the phone's keypad. If there is a problem unlocking your phone using the codes you can contact us 

How can I find my IMEI number?

IMEI number is a 15-digit number, unique to every handset. Some IMEI numbers consist of 17 digits. Just enter the first 15 Digits

In order to find the IMEI number of your handset all you need to do is dial *#06* from your handset. You can also find your IMEI by going to the Settings > General > About on your iPhone handset. Please never ever give IMEI from Box or the back of the phone. 

What information do we require in order to unlock my handset?

We require the following:

1. The unique IMEI number,
2. Model of handset  i.e. iPhone 5, HTC ONE X, Nokia Asha 501?
3. The network it is currently locked to.
It is highly essential that you select the current network of your phone on which it is locked to and the unique IMEI number (15 digits of your handset) CORRECTLY. We will not be held responsible if you incorrectly entered any of the above information when ordering. Also we will not issue a refund under similar circumstances.

Why should I unlock my phone?

Unlocking your phone has many benefits. Asides from being able to use your device with any network, unlocking can raise the resale value of your device by up to 100%  Also by unlocking your phone you are being more environmentally friendly. Once you’ve upgraded your device others can reuse your phone!

What is Unlocking?

The unlocking service we offer allows you to use any network providers SIM card in your phone. Typically this involves unlock codes which are a series of numbers which can be entered into your mobile phone via the phones key pad

What is iPhone unlocking?

As iPhone owner, you already know that most iPhones come with a SIM lock which limits the use of phone to one particular carrier, which is a common practice with subsidized GSM phones. By using a simple unlock code, the iPhone cannot be officially unlocked, unlike most GSM phones. The locked/unlocked state of an iPhone is controlled via the IMEI number (international mobile station equipment identity) which is maintained on Apple's servers and is set as soon as the iPhone is activated.
Through our exceptional capability to directly access Apple's servers, we are able to provide our customers official or factory iPhone unlocks, similar to the ones which are provided by the networks themselves.  The unlocks we provide are enduring, doing no harm to your iPhones manufacturer warranty and will work with any level of firmware or baseband version. Your iPhones iOS can be upgraded at any point in time.

What iPhone's can we unlock?

We are capable of unlocking any model of iPhone including the latest iPhone 6 plus (regardless of  iOS, firmware or baseband levels your iPhone is based on). Our unlocking service makes certain that there is no harm to your iPhone's warranty and your handset continues performig similar to how it did prior to unlocking.

How does iPhone unlock service works?

The procedure that we carry out from our end is as follows: Your iPhone IMEI is submitted to your current network on which it is locked, which then submits it to the unlocking server queue at Apple. When your query gets to the front of the queue your IMEI gets processed and your iPhone handset is registered as permanently unlocked in Apple's database. We then send you an email confirming you that your order has been completed.

After receiving the confirmation email, just follow iPhone unlock instructions for completion of the unlocking process in iTunes. Despite of any level of firmware or baseband that is currently running on your iPhone handset, the unlocking will work and is permanent, your manufacturer's warranty will not be affected at all and at anytime you may upgrade the iPhone's firmware without any hindrance.

I am unsure which network my iPhone is currently locked to?

By submitting your IMEI for a lookup in the database we can correctly figure out the network that your iPhone is currently locked to. A minimum cost is charged for this process and the information which is received is similar to the one listed on Apple's servers and assured to be 100% accurate. To use this service click iPhone Services GSX Report on the order page.

Once I unlock my phone, will I have to unlock it again after updating it?

No, once you use our unlocking services, you will never have to go for unlocking again, as your phone will be permanently unlocked even after updating the firmware or IOS

My phone isn’t listed on your site. Can you still unlock it?

It depends. Feel free to drop us a message with your device make, model and network it is locked to. We will quickly reply and let you know if we have a solution for you!

Questions about purchasing your code how can I pay for a code?

We use PayPal to facilitate all payments. If you have an account you can easily pay directly from your bank account! You can also pay with a credit card through PayPal even though you don’t have an account.

How long it takes to process an order?

Once we receive payment for your order, your unlock order is forwarded to our suppliers within 24 hours. The cost and time it will take to process your order depends on the current network of your handset. We give you estimation for the completion of your order. These estimations are based on the average time it took to carry out an order in past. Since a third party is involved in the course of completing the order so we can only give u an estimated time and not an exact time of completion of your order.

Since the unlocking is controlled by the networks on which the handset is currently unlocked to processing time of carrying out an order has no control over it, therefore orders can be completed within few hours or it might take more than the given estimated time.

You cannot automatically cancel your order if there is considerable delay. But instead you should contact us so that we can check with our suppliers that if cancelling an order is an option or not.You can track the status of your order by entering your email address along with IMEI number

How can I find which carrier a Samsung is locked to ?

Depending on where you are in the world, and which carrier you're with, your phone will have a unique model. You can find your phone's model number by going to Settings > About device and it'll be around the middle of the page.

OR type the code *#7465625# or *#SIMLOCK# on the keyboard of your phone. It’ll display various lock status information of your phone. This method should work on all other Samsung Android handsets.

I paid for Unlocking but I still haven’t received anything. What gives?

We have an automatic e-mail delivery system. However certain e-mail providers will label our messages as junk. Please check your junk e-mail box to see our e-mail is there. If not, don’t worry. If you still haven’t received anything our support team will be ready to assist you. You can reach us at: info@unlockingplanet.ca

I got your auto e-mail but it says “Not Found”. What does that mean?

The most common reasons why you get “Not Found” is either you have given us the incorrect IMEI number or incorrect network. You can simply e-mail or call us to get another result by giving us correct IMEI, Make, Model of your device and Network information. Additionally, make sure your phone IMEI is not has been reported lost / stolen or currently blacklisted. We can check your IMEI for free. Go to the About us and fill the form in comments box write down your IMEI with 'status check request' If all the information you sent us is accurate, Due to the nature of the unlocking business you must provide with video proof displaying the phones IMEI number and unlocking instruction sequence being punched in. So please contact us first before making the refund video. If you are still having problems you can contact our support team.

How does your guarantee work? How can I get a refund?

We guarantee our unlocking to be 100% working and we will happy to give you a refund if our unlocking doesn't work. We will offer you a refund


For any questions or issues you can't find an answer to, please

send us an email info@unlockingplanet.ca

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